National Headquarters recommends writing to: National League of American POW/MIA in Southeast Asia, 1608 K. Street, Northwest, Washington DC 20006, for updated information on the POW/MIA status.

     POW/MIA Recognition Day honors the commitments and the sacrifices made by our nation's Prisoners Of War and those who are still Missing In Action.  By custom, it is on the third Friday in September.

     National POW/MIA Recognition Day is one of the six days specified by law on which the black POW/MIA flag shall be flown over federal facilities and cemeteries, post offices and military installations.
Find out more about POW/MIA Recognition Day

     "Red” was adopted as the color to honor our missing men and women.  It is stipulated for National POW/MIA Recognition Day that Red "Battle Streamers” be attached to the American Flag during the entire week of September 11-15.


Proclaim a day for POW and MIA in your City!

     National POW/MIA Recognition day is the third Friday of September

Prayer:  Request that local ministers include a prayer in their services for the missing men and women and encourage their church congregations to participate in upcoming events. (Dept. Headquarters has a list of Louisiana’s POW/MIAs).


Keep Congress and Legislators informed on what we, the VFW, has done!

Examples are included in the Commanders Leadership Manual received from National Headquarters.

Have a Guest Speaker on Veterans Day & Memorial Day!

Contact the families of POWs and MIAs and ask them to attend scheduled programs.


     Ask businesses and government officials who fly the American Flag to attach Red Ribbons to their Flag Poles in the manner of a Battle Streamer as a Symbol of Freedom for POW/MIAs during the week of September 15th – 19th.

Request citizens in the Community to tie Red Ribbons to car antennas, around trees, on mailboxes, etc.

Wear a Pin, Ribbon or Tag until all our men and women are accounted for. (Reminder)


Contact our State POW-MIA Chairman for more information:

Roger Veillon Sr. 

Post 8971

Email: veillon@usa.com