VA’s Stance On Homelessness

We Can All Do Something to End Veteran Homelessness

No one who has served our country should ever go without a safe, stable place to call home.

 The entire Department has put its energy and resources into ending Veteran homelessness. VA's programs provide individualized, comprehensive care to Veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

 Still, VA cannot do it alone. Organizations and individuals in communities across the country are integral to providing services to Veterans and spreading the word about the resources VA provides to end and prevent homelessness among Veterans.

Explore va.gov/homeless to learn about VA's programs for Veterans and to find out what you, your neighbors, and your community can do to help Veterans who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless.

 Know that one phone call can be the difference in the life of a Veteran who is homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Make the Call to 877-4AID-VET (424-3838) to be connected 24/7 with VA's services to overcome or prevent homelessness for yourself or a Veteran you know.

A Veteran’s family that may be homeless can apply to the VFW’s National Home in Eaton Rapids, MI to possibly move there to live until they are able to provide for their family. National Home Help Line 1-800-313-4200

Note:  If you and your Post/Aux know of any Homeless Veteran’s Shelters, find out what kind of assistance they need in their program.  Let’s make this a year that counts toward ending Veteran’s Homelessness, especially in Louisiana.  Let us be the First to Fight for Veterans!


All Posts are requested to report any assistance to homeless veterans to the State Homeless Veteran Chairman on a monthly basis. Enter the information concerning homeless veteran (s) on the first page of the Community Service Report Form per category provided.


Contact the State Chairman for more information:

Patrick Kennedy

Post 6640

Email: pken3738@hotmail.com